Bio Ultimate Age Defying Facial

Lift and tone muscles to reduce the signs of ageing, with a peptide application to stimulate natural collagen & elastin formations, to plump lines and wrinkles.

Course of 10 recommended £464.00 (includes two free)

Individual treatments £58.00

Turbo Lift Facial

A quick lift facial providing immediate results, can be combined with other treatments.

Individual treatments £56.00

BT Cocktails Lift

Energy products combined with micro current to increase A.T.P (Energy) levels in the skin, to lift muscles and refine lines.

Course of 5 £232.00 (includes one free) Individual treatments £58.00

BT Cocktails Oxygen

Energy products pumped into the skin using pulsed oxygen pressure to increase A.T.P. levels and refine lines.

Course of 5 £240
(includes one free)

Individual treatments £60.00

Bio Therapeutic Advanced Non-Surgical Facials

Infusion Facial

Good to brighten and hydrate younger skin.

Individual treatment £35.00

Jet-M Hydro-Dermabrasion

A non-invasive peeling and hydration treatment thinning the Keratin layer of the skin, allowing for the absorption of hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Excellent for lines, blemishes, pigmentation, acne prone skin and deep pore cleansing.

Individual treatment £60.00

The lympthatic and exfoliation part of this treatment can be added to other treatments.

The OxyGeneo Facial

With Tri-polar technology the Geneo exfoliates in a new unique way to trigger oxygenation and advanced exfoliation, with an infusion of nutrient rich powerful ingredients, then layered with Radio Frequency (RF) one of the most successful technologies for skin tightening, giving stimulation of new collagen production. For long term results a course of 6 would be recommended.

Individual treatments £75.00

Individual treatment plus turbo

muscle lifting treatment £85.00

Individual oxygenation, exfoliation & infusion £45.00

Individual RF (Skin tightening) £45.00


Taylor your treatment to treat specific concerns using Mesotherapy and a cocktail of products.

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