For those seeking inch loss and a firm body after pregnancy or slimming, working thighs, abdomen and arms. Restoring collagen and elasticity to the skin. Recommended a course of 10, 1 per week.

Individual treatment £62.00


Shrinks fat cells stops them reproducing, turning fat into fluid to be expelled naturally from the body. Course of 10 recommended 1 per week.

Individual treatment £60.00

Slindy Body Draining Bandages

This treatment uses cryotherapy (cold) infused bandages to stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and water retention, using fat burning ingredients with draining effects.

Individual treatment £60.00

Fruit Therapy Body Treatment

Packed full of delicious fruits  Peach ,kiwi ,orange, and lemon which are a powerful cocktail of vitamins A C and E that actively repair damage caused by the sun. Body exfoliation, body mask and fruit body cream all included within the treatment.

£55.00 Body only

£65.00 with Facial

Sugar Coconut & Macadamia Body Polish

Complete body exfoliation to eliminate dry skin followed by yogurt cream full of oats & vitamins.


Traditional Massage

Deep tissue massage to ease muscle tension and to provide complete relaxation using essential oils.

Full Body £45.00

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £25.00


Myofascial Release Massage

To help the Fascia tissue to stretch and move ,when this tissue is relaxed and soft it gives us more ability to move without restriction allowing better flexibility and posture


Thai Massage

Based on ancient oriental wisdom a massage that will relax the mind and body.


This treatment can also include Indian butter peeling with mixed spices for the whole body.


Bamboo Massage

Using natural bamboo canes to induce deep relaxation and re-energise the body, will loosen deep layers of tight muscles. Improves blood circulation and drainage, and tissue regeneration.

Individual treatment £50.00

This treatment can also be combined with pearl peeling and a gold body mask to exfoliate, reaffirm, nourish and calm the skin.

Individual treatment £62.00

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