Tired Eyes, Dark Circles

Eliminates blood originated pigments responsible for dark circles, tightens and tones lines around the eye area.

Starts from £40.00

Puffy Eyes

Reduces fat accumulation whilst improving micro-circulation, to eliminate further formation of liquid around the eye area.

Starts from £40.00

Lifting & Tightening Eyes

Mesotherapy combined with the Fusion SNS Meso Pen to open channels to lift, tighten and refine lines around the eye area.

Starts from £44.00

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Using Mesotherapy and a cocktail of specially  mixed products

Eye Treatments

Excellence Anubis

This treatment reduces puffiness, dark circles and lines whilst lifting and tightening the eye area, using a special formulation and enzyme peeling. Course recommended.

Individual treatment £40.00

Eye Expression Line treatment

To address early signs of repetitive movement lines around the eyes through to deeper wrinkles.

Individual treatments £35.00

Eyelash tint


Eyebrow tint