Global Lift

Focusing on ageing flaccid skin, redefining the jaw line, reducing double chins and helps lift and firm the whole face. A course of 6 treatments recommended.

Course of 6 £375.00 (includes one free) Individual treatment £75.00

Mesofiller Facial

A non-invasive alternative to injectables, delivering hyaluronic acid at cell level. Helps firm lines and wrinkles, providing an instant lift. Recommended minimum of 6 treatments.

Course of 6 £300.00 (includes one free) Individual treatment £60.00

Eternal Stem Cell Facial

A regenerating long lasting anti-age treatment using highly coveted plant origin stem cell nanolipasomes, which regenerates and revitalizes the stem cells of the epidermis. A course of 6 treatments recommended.

Course of 6 £320.00 (includes one free) Individual treatment £64.00

Corrective Treatment Facial

This is the ultimate non-invasive treatment, utilising medical grade branched chain hyaluronic acid, encapsulated in nano technology for the deepest penetration, to fill expression lines in conjunction with synthetic viper venom, which provides a botox like effect for lifting, tightening and plumping the whole face. Recommended course of 8.

Course of 8 £462.00 (includes one free) Individual treatment £66.00

Collagen Induction
Therapy C.I.T.

Collagen Induction Therapy C.I.T

The Fusion SNS Meso Pen offers the latest generation of collagen induction therapy, using tiny needles to vertically pierce the skin and produce hundreds of micro injuries whilst protecting the epidermis, the micro injuries trigger the synthesis of new collagen, without any risk of scarring to the skin, this treatment is ideal for Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Lines and Wrinkles, Acne Scarring, Shrinking and smoothing of stretch marks and Hair Loss.

The SNS Meso pen provides the ability to adapt the depth of the micro needles throughout the treatment reducing any discomfort. With the SNS Meso pen we incorporate innovative ingredients that are at the forefront of the most advanced medical-aesthetic treatments, to repair the signs of ageing and tailored to your specific requirements, using cutting edge formulations that include Growth Factors and Biomimetic Peptides, it is possible to restore and improve communication between cells and to mimic actions that are found in young skin to accelerate the natural regenerations process. A Free consultation to address what’s needed.

The SNS Meso pen can be used to just open channels into the epidermis to allow product penetration combined with Mesotherapy  £75 per treatment


Derma Rollers can be purchased for home care use to increase product penetration. Home care derma roller £45.
Derma Rollers can be purchased and used in your salon treatment


Taylor Made Facial (Needle Free Mesotherapy)

A cocktail of products are mixed to suit your needs for lifting, line filling and tightening, pigmentation or acne. These are transported into the skin by means of mesotherapy.

Individual treatment £66.00

Advanced Technology Virtual Mesotherapy