Skeyndor Facials


This calming facial is for skin that is easily reactive and prone to redness and blemishes. Using spring waters from the French Pyrenees P.H balance of the skin is restored.



Vitamin C

Pure Vitamin C instantly boosts the skin, a good treatment to regulate Melanin production and collagen renewal. Main ingredients contain Oranges and Kiwi fruit.



Radiance Renewing
– Micro-Dermabrasion

A micro exfoliating treatment that combines the effects of physical peeling and firming, generating new skin and removing acne scarring and refining pores. An excellent anti-ageing treatment.


Clear Balance

Deep cleansing and purifying facial slows down oil secretion and balances skin. Successful treatment for acne.



Thai Facial

Spices and essential oils relax the body and mind when combined with massage to the face, neck and head.



Power Hyaluronic Facial

This facial is aimed at balancing the skins hydro dynamics to improve hydration and dehydrated wrinkles, pumping the skin full of hyaluronic acid giving protection from the inside and outside.


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